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At Orbitsound, we have been perfecting our revolutionary airSOUND™ technology for 10 years. Our passion for sonic perfection has brought us to the A70, 2 years in the making, and delivering the highest fidelity audio yet achieved from an airSOUND™ soundbar. The A70 features ultra-high definition sound, sleek design and smart usability to your home; the perfect match for the new generation of Ultra HD TVs. Turn it on, and it plays an incredible audio track for your life.


The A70 generates a breathtaking soundscape for movies and music because of its class leading audio capability and our own airSOUND™ technology. Dialogue is crystal clear and easily understood by design; a point source, high definition centre channel that delivers superb speech and musical detail. As a result, the A70 sounds superb with all kinds of media, at any volume level, making your TV, films, music and media audibly clear and impressive throughout your living space. Whether you want to enjoy a movie experience or music with friends, or to clearly understand dialogue on your TV, the A70 will deliver this from a single discreet soundbar box and wireless subwoofer.


Touch sensitive buttons light up subtly when active, lossless aptX Bluetooth provide the best wireless connection possible for enjoying all kinds of streaming media. An integrated display shows everything about the soundbar state. Wall mounting is simple with recessed connectors, vibration damping rubber mounting pads and a mounting kit is included, along with optical and AUX cables. The high quality remote control allows full control of all the soundbar features. For even more convenient remote control of volume, the A70 has the ability to learn your TV remote for easy volume adjustment.


Our British airSOUND™ technology means that you don't need to sit in the stereo sweetspot to hear perfect audio balance and depth; with its side firing neodymium airSOUND™ speakers, the A70 fills your room with spatial detail.

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Tech Specs


System Power Soundbar: 130W (80 front, 50 side)
Subwoofer: 170W
Total: 300W
Dimensions (H x W x D) Soundbar: 74mm x 750mm x 65mm
Subwoofer: 340mm x 140mm x 340mm
Weight Soundbar: 1.95kg
Subwoofer: 6kg
Package Contents A70 airSOUND™BAR
S3 Orbitsound Wireless Subwoofer
Remote Control with battery
Power cords
Optical Cable
Aux cable
Wall mount kit
Quick start guide & safety book


Optical TOSLINK 16-24bit PCM, 8KHz-192KHz clock
Analogue 3.5mm jack, (optimised gain for popular devices)
Bluetooth aptX Lossless codec, true diversity antennas
Subwoofer 2.4Ghz digital high speed SWAT connection (~9.2ms)
NFC Active NFC tag, front panel located
Infra Red High sensitivity IR receiver with learning facility
USB 500mA power outlet and update port


Table Mount Allow 5cm clear for sides of soundbar
Wall mount 2 holes, 644mm apart. Fittings included
Soundbar Construction Engineered wood, hand finished gloss
Subwoofer Construction Engineered wood, tough PVC finish
Soundbar Controls 6 touch-sensitive capacitive backlit buttons
Soundbar Display 17 LED multi function display, invisible when not lit
Subwoofer Display Red LED pairing status light

Soundbar Display Features

Volume 22 step volume display (11 vol segments)
Bass / Treble + / - 5 steps with blue centre light
Subwoofer Connection Red 'SUB' warns when subwoofer disconnected
LRN Green remote control learning facility indicator
Source OPT, [BT symbol], AUX indicators for source
General Power state / remote active indicator
Button Backlight Auto dimming touch sensitive backlights


Overall Frequency range +/- 3dB 44Hz - 13.2KHz
Treble Control +/- 8dB @10KHz
Bass Control Subwoofer volume -20dB to +8dB
Main (front) Channel 2x2" Mk3 drivers (220Hz - 4KHz)
1x1" Soft dome HD tweeter (4KHz+)
Acoustically sealed and treated enclosure
Side (airSOUND™) Channel 2x45mm neodymium Mk1 drivers
Individually sealed enclosures
Subwoofer 6.25" mass loaded sub reflex tuned enclosure
Amplifiers Programmable digital amplifiers, 6 channel in BTL
Crossovers Combination, digital & analogue 1st / 2nd order
A70 Buy NZD $1399

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