The ONE audio solution. High fidelity, build quality, elegance and simplicity.

  • airSOUND™ technology, delivering true stereo everywhere
  • Powerful integrated 5.25” subwoofer
  • Multiple orientations for different uses
  • Remote control learning, Bluetooth, Optical and AUX inputs

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ONE - The Single Box Solution

Single Box Solution

The Orbitsound ONE matches audio quality with beautiful design.

We strived to make a product that is focused on delivering a complete audio experience from a single and unobtrusive unit, using airSOUND™ technology and a powerful integrated subwoofer, all in a compact and beautiful package.

ONE - The Single Box Solution


The ONE features side-firing airSOUND™ speakers, and front and top combined main speakers for true and seamless audio coverage, delivering a true stereo soundfield to all listening positions.

ONE - Connectivity


The ONE has Optical, Bluetooth and AUX connections so you can connect to almost any device including TVs, mobile devices and multi-room recievers.

Read about advanced features and acoustics in the Advanced Guide

ONE - Remote Learning

Remote Learning

The ONE can learn your Infrared TV remote within seconds, eliminating the need to use two controls. It can learn the Volume+ and Volume- functions from compatible remotes.

ONE - Real Bass

Real Bass

The ONE features a custom designed internal subwoofer that is mass loaded and has a tuned bass reflex, delivering a full and proper bass response.

ONE - Energy Saving

Energy Saving

The Orbitsound ONE is designed to minimise power consumption and electricity bills. When no audio is playing, the ONE will shut down parts that are not in use, and automatically come to life when audio is required.

ONE - Energy Saving


Constructed from engineered wood and steel for audio quality and durability. Following our ‘Living Audio’ design philosophy, the ONE sounds superb, looks beautiful from any angle and is wonderfully simplistic to use.

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